Have you ever heard of Guam?


Ever since I was young, I thought Guam was such an insignificant part of the world, because it spanned a only a little over 25 miles north to south, and 18 miles west to east. Oh how much I underestimated such a small but lovely place.

I moved to Guam when I was but a year old. My parents came from the Philippines seeking new life and opportunities that the United States territory of Guam had offered at that time.

I did my parents some solace by getting good grades, but also rebelled in my teen years. I cannot even explain the things I have committed against my parents wishes… but they were the best years of my life. Eventually, my rebellion gained my parents trust and I ended up doing things they would no longer questioned and trusted. How often does that happen? Not often, and it comes with a lot of heartache and sacrifice.

I am now 27… married, living in Michigan, and have the best job/career a young person can ask for. I may be selfish but I’m looking for more…

A girl, from a tiny island in the middle of the pacific ocean.. seeking more adventure and the flavors of life has to offer… there has to be more out there.

I decided that writing a blog will perhaps get my fuel pumping again… and that writing my life down into a blog will help pave the way to what life has next for me.

Just as a preview to show what this blog may showcase, I want to have a high-level review (see what my dream job as done to my use of vocabulary?);

My life in Guam before the World
Discovering the World; Japan Edition
Moving to the mainland; Las Vegas
College in the United States
Meeting the Love of my Life Across the World, now my husband (5600 miles away)
Making our love possible and happen
Life after college, the dream job
Maybe it’s not the dream job? (Current)

I hope you all enjoy my ventures, as much as I can remember them. But what I can say truly, is that I know no one else to have experienced what I have… to have such a small mind on a small island such as Guam… to having experienced a dry desert  in Las Vegas and growing my own family and friend network there.. and now moving to Michigan with the love of my life in piles of snow… An island girl uprooted from all she has known to how much she’s learned and grown. You can do with your life as you please. Fuck everyone else.

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