Life is a beach.

Hey folks! It’s been a while since I last posted something.I guess it’s because I’ve been caught up with whatever I’ve been doing lately. But let’s get off that topic.

As previously mentioned, I left home permanently. But I like to think of it as… me leaving my first home. Throughout my 27 years of life, I have had many homes and I think it’s very animalistic of us to make home where we want it to be — but not everyone has that type of adaptability. I still don’t know what it is about myself that enables me to move very easily from one place to another and quickly call it my home. Perhaps whatever home is, is something I built for myself internally.

I’ve learned to depend on myself quite heavily, which is a great thing by the way, but also a very bad thing. …. And by bad I mean, we all need people. Is it possible to live life as a loner? Sure — but I do notice one thing — doing things by yourself sure is hard as hell. I think we all have to find that perfect balance. Try to accomplish your selfish goals, but definitely do not deny a helpful hand. 

When I left my first home, I wasn’t too hard on myself. I had goals in mind that made my missing home non-existent. I had plenty of great friends and family that loved me, but I think what I took from them was security. Security in knowing that they will always be there for me, so I never looked back. I kept looking forward.

Moving to Las Vegas was not easy. My parents had divorced when I was around 11-12 (I don’t remember, oops.) and so I lived with my father in Guam. My mother had moved to Las Vegas when their divorce was finalized. When I turned 22 years old, I saw this as an opportunity to move to the land of opportunity — oh did fate have a lot planned for me then. My mother was not the most supportive of sorts so I eventually moved out on my own, only having lived with her for a month.

A lot happened to me in Las Vegas. I was very fortunate to get my first job in Las Vegas as a retail sales associate at a huge clothing brand store (take a guess). I worked there for a month and I knew I wanted something better. While working for this chain retail store, I secured myself a better-paying job applying through craigslist. Yes, there was a time when job postings existed on craigslist and they were legit. Through this job, I was able to make more money and was able to have a comfortable style of living in Las Vegas. I did not attend the university at this time because I wanted to earn my ‘residency’ to pay for cheaper tuition.  I was patient… I was just waiting for that one year mark, and then it happened.

I was involved in a huge car accident.

Everything was going my way, I was being loud about what I wanted. Whatever I wanted, I made sure I went out of my way to get it and then the accident happened. I was very fortunate to walk away without a scratch but that accident effected me in a way that I thought life wasn’t a beach. Life can sometimes be a bitch, actually. I was feeling high on life… great job, great friends, I was settling in Las Vegas quite well and then the accident happened. I started to lose money through my medical bills, lawyer fees, and car payments for a car I no longer had.

I decided that I should just keep my head low… and live my life quietly. That was exactly what I did — I worked until I lost my job. The high-end retail store I worked at ended up closing their western branches… just my luck. Well shit. I stayed quiet, and life became a bitch once more. I wanted to get out of this rut, so I finally decided to attend the university. Fuck waiting for 1 year residency. I took a few classes (what student grants had allowed me) and eventually, I ended up just focusing on being a student instead.

Keep going — Don’t let life hold you back. Let life move you forward.



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